Services and Pricing


individual and family sessions $75

50 Minute sessions are provided in a private office to provide comfort and privacy.

office or telehealth sessions available

Telehealth, 50 minute sessions, are secure and provide flexibility and the ability to be in the comfort of your own home for sessions. 


EMDR/Trauma Counseling

Grief Counseling

Infertility Counseling

Christian Counseling

Family/ Marriage Counseling

Grief Counseling

Individual Grief Counseling

Grieving the child is here to support you individually with your journey of grief and learning to navigate life after your loss. 

Individual Infertility Counseling

Receive the support and help to process infertility and the effects it has had on your life. 

Family Counseling

Grief does not only effect the mother but also the father, siblings and extended family. Learn how to support each other and process the grief you are enduring together. 

Doula Services

Bereavement doula’s help a mother through her entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Treatment Specialties

Grief & Loss

You are not alone in your grief journey. Learn how to integrate your grief into your life and how to process the death of your child.

Christian Counseling

Learning how to handle life's trials from a biblical perspective can help with worry and concern. Jennifer can help you find where Jesus is in the midst of your struggle.


If you are having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, can't find motivation to do daily tasks, not able to take care of her daily hygiene needs. Learn new skills to overcome your depression.


When your child dies mother's and father's handle the loss differently. Learn new ways to communicate and support each other.

Substance Abuse

After the death of your child you may have decided to numb the pain but there are better and healthier ways to cope.

Parenting Therapy

Learn how to support your living children with the death of their sibling.

common questions

  • Individual therapy $75 per session
  • Family therapy $75 per session
  • Group Therapy $20 per person (based on availability)
  • Doula services $2500 per pregnancy

No, we offer counseling for every person. Grieving the Child just specializing in grief and loss. 

Grief counseling is decided by your needs and will be based upon what your strengths are. We will decide a plan and take each step of integrating your grief into your life, one step at a time. 

Sessions are 45-50 minutes each. 

We do not take insurance at this time. 

This is dependent on your needs and ranges from weekly to once a month.

If you are struggling to process your child’s death. Grief therapy can help. Regardless how long it has been since your loss we can help you to learn new coping skills.

Every person’s grief journey is different. As the client you are the expert on what you need and direct the course of your services. 

We are located at 333 W. Wilcox Drive Suite 109 Sierra Vista, AZ  85635 and offer telehealth services as well. 

Our office is located in the Wick Building. Our suite is located on the ground level and the glass door faces Fab Avenue and the Sierra Vista Herald Building. 

You can access the parking lot from Fab Avenue and and park in the first spots. 

All of your information is confidential and can not be released without your written consent. Some exclusions apply.

Contact us by phone 520-249-1759 or email