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Life is filled with trauma and loss. Our licensed therapist is trained to provide counseling to men or woman who are suffering and/or would like a biblical perspective (Christian counseling).  

Grieving the Child has been providing support to families that have experienced the death of their baby through miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, or early infant death for over 10 years. With additional training and education, we now offer counseling that can further the healing of the clients and do not have to only focus on the death of their child. 
Many mothers and fathers find it difficult to understand how each grieves and/or handles their life after loss. This can include infertility struggles and how to navigate the future while each processes the infertility and/or losses differently. 

Our Founder and lead therapist Jennifer Fero has her Master’s in Professional Counseling and is certified in Perinatal Mental Health, family trauma, complex trauma, and complicated grief. Jennifer Fero is also a Licensed Chaplain, Certified Midwife of Thanatology, and Certified Bereavement Doula.  

Grieving the Child provides counseling wherever you are in your life. This includes the perinatal period (infertility, miscarriage, abortions, medical terminations, early infant loss, parenting with or without children), perinatal depression and anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, grief, and loss, and helping men and women build a life when they do not have children. The perinatal period has many areas that can cause trauma and stress. Let Grieving the Child support you during your parenting journey.  

As a reminder, Grieving the Child, provides therapy to everyone, not just those who have survived child loss.

Jennifer Fero Expert in Perinatal Grief and Loss

Having more than 10 years of grief support experience. Jennifer has increased her expertise by taking numerous trauma and perinatal certification courses. Jennifer is a Licensed Counselor, Certified Bereavement Doula, Midwife of Thanatology and Licensed Chaplain. 

Areas Of Expertise

Grieving the Child can help with many aspects of your life.

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