Our supervised visitation and safe exchange program help families who are involved with family law. These services can be court ordered or voluntary, so you do not need a referral to enroll. So, we offered private services or those referred by the court. 

Our services are offered to best accommodate most schedules. However, due to scheduling conflicts not every need may be handled in the way the parent may require. We will do our best to ensure that the children do not need to miss school or extra-curricular activities. However, due to staffing issues this may not always be feasible. 

There may be a waiting period of more than 30 days depending on the needs of our clients and the staff that we have. 

Grieving the Child and its’ employees and volunteers are Arizona Mandated Reporters and have a level one fingerprint clearance card. All aid’s have been trained according to Supervised Vastation network standards and are held to the ethics and standards of the SVN Network. 

Supervised Visitation

Court ordered or voluntary supervised visitation is provided by trained parent aides.

Cost $50 per hour for the first aide and then $25 per hour for each additional aide that is needed. Our ratio is (1:2) one aide for every two children.

Intakes are $50 per parent. All fees are due 24 hours prior to receiving services. If either parent fails to pay their fee's the visitation will not be provided by Grieving the Child until the fees have been paid in full.

Safe Exchange
Have a trained parent aide help with your safe exchange. Parent's do not have to interact or have contact.

Cost is $20 per exchange in Sierra Vista, AZ